We want to facilitate the cooperation between client and lawyer/tax advisor in advance. We have compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you.

Our remuneration

Legal and tax advice is subject to a fee. The remuneration of the lawyers is based on the Law on the Remuneration of Lawyers (RVG). In the case of tax consultants, the costs are based on the remuneration ordinance for tax consultants, tax agents and tax consulting companies (Steuerberatervergütungsverordnung – StBVV).

We do not offer free advice and representation. Therefore, initial consultations including telephone information are to be remunerated.

If you are unsure about the remuneration, please contact us before placing an order. We will find a solution.

Initial consultation

During an initial consultation you describe your problem to us, we give you an initial legal assessment and suggest possible strategies for action. The initial consultation is limited exclusively to a conversation or short communication. We also take into account the time required to prepare the initial consultation.

For consumers, the fee for an initial legal consultation without an agreement is a maximum of 249.90 euros gross. That is 190 Euro plus additional costs and value added tax, § 34 RVG.

For entrepreneurs, the fee is determined without restriction in accordance with the statutory provisions, § 34 RVG.

Following the initial consultation, a more detailed examination of your case and a concrete examination of your documents may also be considered.

The agreement of a remuneration (remuneration agreement) is possible and usual before a comprehensive consultation, the preparation of a written expert opinion and when acting as a mediator.

Please make an appointment for the consultation in our office. If you have questions about our costs, please inform yourself before the consultation.

Remuneration agreement

You can make a remuneration agreement with us. Due to the different levels of effort involved in the respective activities, remuneration based on time (hourly rate) has proven to be appropriate. For this purpose you agree with us on a specific hourly rate. Please note: Making telephone calls, reading e-mails and travelling to you also requires time, which we charge for. If you wish, please contact us for a time budget.

For plannable activities, for example for training or the preparation of draft contracts, we offer flat rates as an alternative to remuneration according to time.

Partly due to professional legal requirements and the risk we face, we take into account at least the statutory remuneration.

Success fee

Sometimes it can be interesting for the client to spread the risk and give the lawyer an incentive for his performance.

The contingency fee is suitable for this. However, professional law restrictions do not allow the lawyer to live entirely without remuneration. Therefore we always demand a minimum remuneration.

The law provides for a special remuneration in case of a premature settlement or agreement with the opposing party.

Statutory remuneration

The level of remuneration depends on the type, risk and scope of the activity.

Object value

The fees for the further assignment and the lawyer’s activity are regularly based on the value of the matter, § 2 RVG. The object value corresponds to the value of the matter (e.g. the amount of a monetary claim) for which the client is concerned. You can find further indications of the subject matter value in the different catalogs of litigation values, for example, those of administrative jurisdiction and social jurisdiction. Amount frame fees may apply in a different way. This applies in particular to matters in social law and criminal law.

Service charges

We shall invoice incidental expenses, including travel expenses – if they are incurred – separately. Furthermore, we are legally entitled to make our performance dependent on an advance payment. Instalment payment agreements are dependent on the respective mandate.

Statutory remuneration regulations

The Lawyers‘ Fees Act and the Table of Fees can be viewed on request at the office or on the Internet at, as can the appendices: List of Fees and Table of Fees.

Reimbursement of costs by third parties

Our remuneration is independent of the reason and amount of any claims against third parties. In the event of reimbursement of costs by the opposing party, a party to the proceedings, the public purse or the legal expenses insurance company, they usually do not have to reimburse more than the statutory remuneration.

Requests for coverage from the legal expenses insurance company and the assertion of claims for reimbursement of costs are separate matters.

Permanent mandates

Many clients appreciate our legal and tax advice. They make repeated use of our services. If you wish to receive legal advice repeatedly, please contact us for our special conditions for permanent clients.

Cancellation fee

We practice an ordering practice with appointments to be agreed upon in advance. The appointment is reserved exclusively for you. We prepare for this appointment accordingly.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee, also depending on the type and scope of the preparatory activities. Of course, this does not apply to cancellations that are not our fault and are justified.


If you have any questions or discrepancies with your invoice, please contact the respective person in charge first. Many things can already be clarified in a short telephone conversation. Otherwise, you can of course contact a partner of the law firm who will also check the invoice.

Electronic invoice

Even electronic invoices without a qualified digital signature can entitle the customer to deduct input tax. The requirements for an electronic invoice are essentially the same as for a paper invoice. Electronic invoices must be stored electronically. Printing on paper does not meet the requirements for storage.

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